EchoMark Shares How to Leverage AI and Human Behaviors to Revolutionize Insider Risk Management at The Insider Threat Summit

KIRKLAND, Wash., March. 20, 2024 – EchoMark, the company pioneering an unprecedented approach to information protection, shared that CEO and Co-founder Troy Batterberry will offer new insight on employing AI and proven human behaviors to substantially advance insider risk management at the 8th annual Insider Threat Summit, March 27-28, 2024 in Monterey California.

The threat of information leaks and intellectual property theft looms larger than ever, presenting formidable challenges to even the world's most sophisticated organizations. Yet, traditional security measures fall short, necessitating a groundbreaking shift in how we protect sensitive data.

"Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Human Behaviors to Revolutionize Insider Risk Management" explores principles of forensic watermarking, its implementation, and breakthroughs that enable enterprise adoption without user training, client-side software or operational overhead.

The session will specifically share how EchoMark is using invisible watermarks to trace the origin of unauthorized disclosures, regardless of the method–whether through digital copies, photographs of screens, or even manual transcriptions. This technology is a unique solution to the 'analog hole' commonly exploited in traditional security frameworks, and is a radical new method of safeguarding information.

In a recent announcement, EchoMark shared that its innovative solution protected the confidentiality of corporate email and other private content when a customer successfully identified the source of an ongoing email leak.

Leading organizations, including the global auction house Christie’s and the venture capital firm Craft Ventures, useEchoMark to protect and enhance their private communications.

The customer's IT Director commented, "I've always prioritized the security and integrity of our internal systems. Recently, we faced a challenging situation with potential information breaches originating from within. This was a critical issue, and despite our efforts, pinpointing the exact source was proving difficult. We were able to quickly identify the source of the leak, and strengthen our overall security posture, resolving an issue that could have had far-reaching implications for our organization."

"The summit session will focus on helping organizations pinpoint the exact source of email and data leaks, and ways to put prevention measures into place that decisively discourage and ultimately prevent misuses of confidential information and breaches of trust," said Troy Batterberry, CEO and Co-founder of EchoMark. "The Insider Risk Summit is a premier forum for exploring confidentially and cyber security challenges, considerations and innovative capabilities. We look forward to sharing this innovation with attendees and peers at the Summit." The session will be conducted on Wednesday, March 27, at 2:00 pm PT.  

Insider risk management, including information leaks and intellectual property theft, is a big and growing problem. Responsible data sharing and trustful collaboration have emerged as a top concern, even among the world's most sophisticated organizations. EchoMark's solutions are designed to protect an organization's intellectual property and support trustful collaboration. EchoMark represents a major advance in digital asset privacy and protection that helps organizations foster the seamless flow of information among legitimate participants, and prevent and mitigate leaks so that everyone involved can do their best work.

About EchoMark:

EchoMark is a first-of-its-kind information protection SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) company that is pioneering a new standard for information protection. EchoMark's AI-powered, patent-pending solution embeds personalized forensic watermarks in documents and emails, safeguarding, rather than disrupting, private communications while promoting internal stewardship to deter leaks. EchoMark was founded in 2022 by Troy Batterberry, a tech industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, including roles at the U.S.Department of Defense (DoD), Sony, and Microsoft, where he served as the product leader for Teams Meetings as Corporate Vice President. Learn more at