Get the tools to make tracking leaks easy.

Find the source quickly and without any of the heavy lifting — our advanced technology and patented tools handle it all.

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From our customers

Ben Gore
Ben Gore
COO, Christie's
Christie’s has long been committed to securing the privacy and protection of our clients’ information. We are constantly in search of new and innovative technologies that can enhance our already robust protocols and we are excited to explore the possibilities that the EchoMark solutions offer.
Brian Murray
Brian Murray
Partner & COO, Craft Ventures
EchoMark's application of computer vision and perturbation tech is creating a new standard in information security. Companies and firms gain precision visibility into their information security and bad actors are thwarted by a new, omniscient deterrent. It's an elegant application of new technology to solve one of the most vexing and expensive challenges facing the enterprise.

Rely on advanced leak source detection.

Using machine learning and computer vision, EchoMark can determine the source of a leak – regardless of how and where it happened.

Investigate leaks in a variety of formats:
  • Email and PDFs
  • Print-outs
  • Mobile photos and screenshots of sensitive documents
Get data-rich leak reports:
  • Understand how EchoMark determined the source
  • See transparent reporting on detector accuracy

Here's how it works.

EchoMark deploys a variety of patent-pending detectors, depending on the type of leak uploaded.

Getting to the source of the leak is easy.
Step 1

Step 1

Upload the leaked artifact to the leak analysis tool.

Step 2

Step 2

Point us to the original file the leak came from.

Step 3

Step 3

We'll handle the rest and deliver a full report.

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See how EchoMark can be seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace to automatically embed invisible watermarks in messages and documents