Enter EchoMark

By personalizing content with multiple types of invisible marks, EchoMark helps foster a sense of responsibility among recipients of private information.

Image of the EchoMark app with Mark options (digital stamp, invisible watermark, and footnote) highlighted.

Multiple mark types for added layers of security.

EchoMark employs a variety of techniques to add identifiable information to your documents and messages without harming the consumption experience. Collectively, we refer to these as marks and each type is targeted at a different leakage method or behavioral outcome.

Key on an app window with a fingerprint

Digital stamp

Embed unguessable forensic keys into messages and file metadata. Enables tracing of leaks of entire files.
Same view of two documents with one of them revealing an invisible fingerprint

Invisible watermark

Apply subtle visual changes that are invisible to the naked eye. Protects against leaks of photos and screenshots.
Pen with magic sparkles and AI emanating from it while it writes on a document.

AI rephrasing

Rephrase messages for each recipient while retaining their original meaning. Enables tracing of leaks of snippets of text.
Signature on a document.

Visible footnote

Give readers a visible reminder that the content is meant for their eyes only and should be kept in confidence.

EchoMark works silently in the background

EchoMark can integrate directly with your Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace accounts. There is no interruption to the content being shared and no user intervention is required.


Investigating leaks

In the unfortunate case that one of your marked documents or messages leaks, EchoMark provides simple leak Investigation tools to find the source. Our tools allow you to investigate leaks of documents in whole or in part, as screenshots or photos of documents or messages, and even pasted text from emails sent through EchoMark.

Illustration of an image with an upload arrow on top.


If you suspect a leak has occurred or spotted a document online, upload the original document to your leak investigation tab.

Illustration of a magnifying glass over a fingerprint on a document


EchoMark will use computer vision to compare the leaked fragment with each marked copy of the document shared.

Illustration of a checkmark on a report.


Once the search is complete, EchoMark will display a report with the likely source of the leak.

Collaborate and communicate freely — without sacrificing security.

See how EchoMark removes barriers to sharing while protecting your most private information.