Keep Private Messages Private

People in large sophisticated organizations need to be able to communicate freely with each other without worrying about their messages leaking inadvertently or maliciously.

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Secure your communications

EchoMark’s personalized invisible watermarks revolutionize email privacy, offering an unobtrusive yet powerful solution for keeping private email truly private. EchoMark’s solution enables you to discuss mergers and acquisitions (M&A), human resources (HR), Marketing and PR strategies, financials, and all kinds of sensitive negotiations while keeping crucial information within trusted groups.


Keep messages in the circle of trust

With visible footnotes at the bottom of messages and documents indicating their intended recipients, EchoMark ensures that sensitive content remains exclusively within the intended circle by notifying recipients that the information is directed at and traceable to them.

Visible Footnote
Trace Leaks

Trace leaks when they happen

The addition of invisible watermarks provides an unprecedented layer of security, enabling swift identification of leaked information and ensuring accountability.

Share without extra process

Unlike other security measures, Personalized Invisible Watermarks require no specialized client software, preserving the natural flow of communication without disrupting familiar email interactions.

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See it in action

Sending uniquely watermarked email to each of your recipients is as simple as sending any other email. Watch our tutorial video to see how to start sending email from directly from EchoMark or contact us for a demo of EchoMark integrated directly in Exchange or Google workspace.



Personalized watermarks on your important documents and communications let recipients know that the information is private and intended to remain private.



If even a portion of EchoMarked content is leaked via email, printout, or photo, Our technology will quickly identify the source of the leak.


Increase trust

When your private information is EchoMarked, a culture of trust will pervade and information will seamlessly flow to those who need it.

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See how EchoMark can be seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace to automatically embed invisible watermarks in messages and documents