Our mission

We're here to unlock the freedom to communicate and collaborate without sacrificing security — empowering teams to share information critical to their success, while enabling companies to maintain trust and prevent damage to their organization.

Our story

EchoMark formed to address the growing problem of private information leaks. In the past few years, we've seen leaks break down trust within the Supreme court, the Department of Defense, and countless companies as confidential information is leaked online both maliciously and accidentally.

Many solutions exist that keep data locked into protected sandboxes, but there are times when people still need to share information in the form of email or documents outside those sandboxes to get their jobs done. Until EchoMark, there has been no way to prevent motivated leakers from sharing document or email content in whole or part via printout or screenshot.

We created EchoMark to cover the last mile of information security. By embedding invisible watermarks in document and message content, EchoMark provides a way to trace the source of leaks, even if they come in the form of a cell phone picture. No other solution can patch this analog hole.

While leak remediation is a tool in our kit, our ultimate goal is rebuild trust within organizations by providing a clear deterrent for leaks that enhances trust by encouraging good stewardship of private information. When your private information gets EchoMarked, trust will increase and your organization can share information without worrying where it will end up.

Our values

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Customer focus

We meet our customers where they are, creating solutions to help them do their best work while protecting their private information.

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We believe trust is earned and we take that mission seriously.

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We are always ready to learn from our customers and each other. Mutual respect is core to our company's culture.

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We love our work and we aim to provide a unique product with attention to every detail.

Collaborate and communicate freely — without sacrificing security.

See how EchoMark removes barriers to sharing while protecting your most private information.