Harden National Defense with Forensic Watermarks

EchoMark’s invisible forensic watermarks provide a sophisticated and effective way to deter and remediate leaks of sensitive defense data while ensuring information is seamlessly shared with those who need to know.

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Powerful, Seamless Deterrence and Detection

By embedding forensic watermarks in classified documents, operational communications, and sensitive negotiations, EchoMark creates a sense of accountability among data handlers that effectively deters leaks while providing a robust way to identify sources if sensitive data leaks.


Increase Accountability

With visible footnotes at the bottom of messages and documents indicating their intended recipients, EchoMark ensures that sensitive content remains exclusively within the intended circle by notifying recipients that the information is directed at and traceable to them.

Increase Accountability

Identification and Chain of Custody

EchoMark’s unique signatures embedded invisibly in sensitive communications and documents enable the means to quickly identify leak sources and their entire chain of custody. EchoMark’s easy-to-use yet robust investigative reports can be used as evidence for security teams and investigators, who can then take appropriate action against responsible parties.

Automatic, Silent, Secure

EchoMark’s Forensic Watermarks require no client software, preserving the natural flow of communication without disrupting familiar interactions. EchoMark can be deployed on the backend in minutes, controlled through policy set by admins, and operate within your private or air-gapped environment.

Silent Secure


Personalized watermarks on your important financial documents and communications let recipients know that the information is private and intended to remain private.



If even a portion of EchoMarked content is leaked via email, printout, or photo, Our technology will quickly identify the source of the leak.


Increase trust

When your private financial information is EchoMarked, a culture of trust will pervade and information will seamlessly flow to those who need it.

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