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EchoMark SecureView provides unrivaled security for sharing even the most sensitive information, anywhere.

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Real-time control and analytics

SecureView prevents unwanted sharing and data exfiltration with real-time control and insights, helping people protect valued assets by adding an extra layer of security to every file shared. Our secure file sharing solution enables enterprises to deter and prevent leaks and intellectual property theft.

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Hard to see. Easy to detect.

Can you see the difference between these documents? EchoMark's leak detectors can. Our automatically generated invisible watermarks incorporate subtle formatting changes, personalized for each viewer, enabling you to trace and stop leaks with EchoMark's investigation tools.
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The standard in secure file sharing

Stop sending insecure attachments across teams and vendors. What happens once files are outside of your control? Sharing unprotected and downloadable attachments can lead to data exfiltration.
SecureView empowers people to take back control of their information, mitigating insider risk while maintaining shareability and transparency.

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Secure Access

Watermark files by sharing them with a secured link, or use an Exchange or Workspace integration to automatically mark email and attachments.

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Personalized Views

Each recipient can access a forensically watermarked view of each file, uniquely personalized for them.

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Conditional Downloads

Control what happens to shared documents with conditional downloads. Set file permissions to ensure files stay in the right hands.

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Document Analytics

Encourage data stewardship with insights on file views, shares, and recipient activity.

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Share with style

Customize your EchoMark SecureView link to put your best foot forward.

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Sharing with EchoMark SecureView is straightforward and simple. Upload a file, share via link in your favorite communication tool, and check analytics as people view your file.



Personalized watermarks on your important documents and communications let recipients know that the information is private and intended to remain private.



If even a portion of EchoMarked content is leaked via email, printout, or photo, Our technology will quickly identify the source of the leak.


Increase trust

When your private information is EchoMarked, a culture of trust will pervade and information will seamlessly flow to those who need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecureView?

Once files leave your inbox or shared drive, risk of data exfiltration increases. SecureView is what it says - a secure viewer. EchoMark’s SecureView empowers people to take back control of their information while maintaining shareability and transparency for everyone who needs access. SecureView is the new standard in how organizations handle private information, promoting accountability and data stewardship.

What types of files can I share with SecureView?

PDF is the primary supported file format. Microsoft Word (.docx), and PowerPoint (.pptx) are supported through auto-conversion to PDF.

How do I share files in EchoMark?

File sharing for businesses and individuals is done on the EchoMark website, fully accessible both on desktop and mobile. Once a file is uploaded into EchoMark, you have the option to send a forensically watermarked copy to each recipient via email (direct from EchoMark) or copy/paste the shareable link to send in a group chat or email.

Can I see who viewed my shared files?

Yes! SecureView analytics help information owners keep track of who views their data,  when it’s viewed, and for how long, to ensure that only authorized recipients are accessing the shared private information.

Can I block the option to download or copy files?

Yes – by default SecureView disables the ability to copy and paste from shared files. Additionally, the file sender can control the recipient’s ability to download with the flip of toggle.

Does SecureView replace our existing DLP or DRM solutions?

No, SecureView is designed to enhance existing security measures like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Rights Management (DRM) solutions. As an effective way to share information securely, SecureView is meant to enable responsible and accountable sharing of necessary information. The goal is to put control of information back in the hands of the creator and publisher without adding restrictions for end users. It can be used on it's own as the primary form of secure sending, or in conjunction with existing preventive security controls.

Prevent data theft, not collaboration.

See how EchoMark removes barriers to sharing while protecting your most valued assets.