SecureView UI showing a file with page and view controls

Replace your attachments with secure links

SecureView links augment Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategies to bolster existing security measures, ensuring that sharing remains exclusive to your intended audience. Embedded invisible watermarks and custom link settings deter data exfiltration and allow precise access control, preventing file leakage beyond your intended recipients.

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Keep track of your files as they are viewed

Detailed analytics let you know when each recipient viewed your file and where they spent the most time. Revoke access if you have any concerns.

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SecureView UI showing a file with page and view controls
Mashup illustration of a leak report with the text "high confidence match" highlighted

Quickly find the source of leaks

Whether information was leaked via email, printout, or photo, EchoMark provides an invisible solution using steganography to find the source within minutes. Advanced features like natural language versioning and computer vision detection help further ensure tracking success.

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How it works

EchoMark makes it simple and seamless to establish a more secure and traceable system for sharing.

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icon of document with fingerprint in the center


Watermark files by sharing them with SecureView, or use an Exchange or Workspace integration to automatically mark email and files.

Illustration of an image with an upload arrow on top of it.


If you discover a leaked file or email, or even just photo or screenshot, upload the leaked content to EchoMark's investigation tools.

Illustration of a magnifying glass revealing a thumbprint on a document.


EchoMark uses computer vision to compare the leaked content fragment with each marked copy of the document shared.

Illustration of a checkmark on a report.


Once the search is complete, EchoMark will display a report with the likely source of the leak.

Be up and running fast

Sharing files with EchoMark is fast and simple. Recipients can view your files using secure email verification, without the need to create an account. Integrations with Exchange and Workspace make it even simpler for your organization.

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Mashup of EchoMark app screenshots showing integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Exchange.
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Our partner program is designed to foster growth, enhance your offerings, and ensure mutual success. With industry leaders like Tach Tech and Adaptive Integration, we’re committed to building a network of success. Discover how our collaborations pave the way to guard against your customer’s insider risks.

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From our customers

Christie’s has long been committed to securing the privacy and protection of our clients’ information. We are constantly in search of new and innovative technologies that can enhance our already robust protocols and we are excited to explore the possibilities that the EchoMark solutions offer.
Ben Gore
Ben Gore
COO, Christie's
EchoMark's application of computer vision and perturbation tech is creating a new standard in information security. Companies and firms gain precision visibility into their information security and bad actors are thwarted by a new, omniscient deterrent. It's an elegant application of new technology to solve one of the most vexing and expensive challenges facing the enterprise.
Brian Murray
Brian Murray
Partner & COO, Craft Ventures

Collaborate and communicate freely — without sacrificing security.

See how EchoMark removes barriers to sharing while protecting your most private information.