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Try out EchoMark's Individual plan for free, where you can mark and share documents from  To unlock the full potential of silent marking in the background, reach out to us about our Enterprise plan. The Enterprise version of our software integrates directly with your Exchange or Google Workspace instances to allow silent marking without using our client-side web app.



For individuals who need to share private information frequently.

  • Share EchoMarked documents and messages from
  • Customize invisible watermarking options
  • Investigate leaks whenever they happen
  • 100GB of storage on
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For organizations that need to protect their private information.

  • Share EchoMarked documents and messages directly from Outlook and Gmail
  • Manage invisible watermarking for your entire organization
  • Investigate leaks on behalf of your entire organization
  • Contact us for storage options
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Share documents & email from
File storage on
Send EchoMarked messages directly from Outlook and Gmail

Personalized Watermarks

Invisible watermarks on documents and messages
AI Rephrasing for email messages
Customized footnotes & marking options
Mark silently in the background
Adjust marking policies for your entire org

Leak investigations

Investigate leaks of your personal information
Investigate leaks on behalf of your entire org
Single-tenant, private cloud
Bring your own storage

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