EchoMark Customer Successfully Identifies Source of Sensitive Email Leak for First Time

Breakthrough AI-Powered Private Data Protection Technology Pinpoints Malicious Insider Leak Sources; Now Scales for Large Enterprises.

KIRKLAND, Wash., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- EchoMark, the company pioneering an unprecedented approach to information protection, announced a landmark achievement for its innovative solution to protect the confidentiality of corporate email and other content: An early EchoMark customer successfully identified the source of an ongoing online email leak.

EchoMark launched in late 2023, and this is the first time it was used in a live information breach situation. The company's technology worked with flying colors, identifying the source of the leak in minutes.

EchoMark's advanced, invisible, personalized forensic watermarking was seamlessly added to the company's corporate emails after the organization saw evidence of a potential unauthorized exposure of confidential information. When one email was later disclosed online, the hidden and proprietary forensics markings positively identified the source of the leak.

The customer's IT Director commented, "I've always prioritized the security and integrity of our internal systems. Recently, we faced a challenging situation with potential information breaches originating from within. This was a critical issue, and despite our efforts, pinpointing the exact source was proving difficult. That's when we turned to EchoMark. Their innovative approach and easy-to-implement solution made a significant difference. With EchoMark, we were not only able to quickly identify the source of the leak, but also strengthen our overall security posture. Their tool was instrumental in resolving an issue that could have had far-reaching implications for our organization. I'm genuinely impressed by the effectiveness of EchoMark and would recommend it to any organization facing similar challenges." Other specific customer information remains confidential at this time.

"Our success in helping customers easily find the source of email leaks, and ultimately preventing additional misuses and breaches of trust, is a significant step forward in digital watermarking and robust information protection," said Troy Batterberry, CEO and Co-founder of EchoMark. "EchoMark now also seamlessly scales to handle emails sent to the largest recipient groups. This new and precise capability is particularly valuable in use cases involving large numbers of recipients, such as those where a CEO's 'all hands' email could be sent to as many as hundreds of thousands of employees."

EchoMark can be easily deployed with customizable policies across both Microsoft Exchange and Google Gmail, and does not require any client software. For organizations that desire more selective end-user control, EchoMark also announced the availability of optional Outlook and Gmail Add-Ons.

Insider risk management, including information leaks and intellectual property theft, is a big and growing problem. Responsible data sharing and trustful collaboration have emerged as a top concern, even among the world's most sophisticated organizations. EchoMark's solutions are designed to protect an organization's intellectual property and support trustful collaboration. EchoMark represents a major advance in digital asset privacy and protection that helps organizations foster the seamless flow of information among legitimate participants and prevent and mitigate leaks so that everyone involved can do their best work.

About EchoMark:

EchoMark is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is redefining data security. It seamlessly safeguards information while promoting trust and enabling unrestricted collaboration for any organization. EchoMark's AI-powered, patent-pending solution embeds personalized forensic watermarks in documents and emails, to proactively safeguard private communications while promoting internal stewardship to deter leaks. Co-founded in 2022 by tech industry veteran Troy Batterberry, his over 30 years of experience in senior roles in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Sony, and Microsoft uniquely position EchoMark to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide. Learn more about EchoMark and its services at

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