The Ultimate AI-Powered Defense Against Internal Information Theft: EchoMark Unveils SecureView

As Internal Saboteurs Increasingly Erode Trust and Cost Companies Millions, EchoMark Introduces Novel, Secure Way to Share Information

KIRKLAND, Wash., June 18, 2024EchoMark, the ultimate defense against costly information theft that threatens all organizations, announced today the launch of SecureView, the most secure way to share information. SecureView’s enterprise-grade, AI-powered protections eliminate email attachments, risky downloads, unauthorized image captures, and untraceable emails — all of which are vulnerable to intentional and unintentional disclosures.

Internal communications, the lifeblood of any organization, are often the hardest to secure and present daily risk. Share a document attachment, and it’s instantly beyond your control, capable of being forwarded to anyone, anywhere. Send a confidential email to a group, and someone can anonymously share it publicly without fear of being caught. Share a PDF of a product roadmap, and anyone can snap a photo to spread it around. 

“As a leader, there’s nothing more important than the ability to communicate with confidence and transparency, and yet that has never been riskier than it is today,” said EchoMark CEO and co-founder Troy Batterberry. “A leak can endanger individuals and organizations, damage a company’s brand, harm morale, impede future information flow, impair leader effectiveness, and create significant financial implications. SecureView is the future of how organizations manage and share sensitive information internally and externally.”

Conventional information security technologies, such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Data Loss Prevention (DLP), try to block certain actions but impede legitimate use cases, leading to significant user backlash. More recent end-user monitoring products tend to be incomplete, as they don’t work on phones, and are prone to generating “false positives.” These false positives can even flag some of the organization’s very best hard-working employees, creating real morale issues. None of these solutions are effective once information leaves the organization.

Real-time control and analytics with SecureView.

SecureView, the most secure way to share information, combines innovative capabilities to dramatically reduce the chances of unauthorized disclosure within and beyond an organization:

  • Individualized Views: EchoMark is pioneering the use of AI-powered steganography (forensic watermarking) to securely embed an invisible, individualized digital fingerprint within the content. This unique fingerprint enhances information stewardship and accountability from each recipient. If EchoMarked information is leaked through any method — whether a digital copy, a fragment, a camera photo of a computer screen, a printout, or even manually re-typed — the source can be quickly identified. No other solution offers protection against the ‘analog hole’ (e.g., taking a picture of content) from insider threats.
  • Eliminate Email Attachments and Downloads: Email attachments are stored indefinitely on devices, making them vulnerable to external threats, easily forwarded to unauthorized recipients, or saved and stolen. Similarly, network file sharing poses risks of data exfiltration and dissemination. SecureView addresses these issues by automatically transforming email attachments into SecureView links, slashing the risk of unauthorized disclosure. It also enables easy access to information without needing to distribute files.
  • Precise Tracking and Analytics: Powerful analytics monitor document access and usage, supporting forensic investigations in the event of a security incident, while providing valuable usage information to the publisher.

SecureView is available for anyone to use through, and is also enterprise ready. It can be deployed in minutes for an entire organization with highly customizable policies and integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and other platforms. Once deployed, an organization’s information is automatically protected. SecureView doesn’t just offer security—it delivers peace of mind in an era where information is under constant siege.

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About EchoMark

EchoMark is a Software-as-a-Service solution that safeguards information while promoting trust and enabling intentional communications and collaboration for any enterprise, SMB, or individual. EchoMark utilizes AI, computer vision, and LLMs to provide the ultimate defense against information theft and the most secure way to keep private information private. EchoMark is backed by Craft Ventures and was co-founded in 2022 Troy Batterberry, who has over 30 years of experience in senior roles at Microsoft, Sony, and the U.S. Department of Defense.