How to Enable Trusted Communications - A Discussion on Safeguarding Data with Forensic Watermarking

Join us April 4, 2024, for a time of networking over lunch, and learn how to address insider risks within your organization.

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About the Event

Understanding the nuanced threats posed by insider risks has never been more critical. Our event will shine a light on the indispensable role of forensic watermarking in maintaining the sanctity of private information and email security. EchoMark invites you to an exclusive time of networking, discovery, and discussion, in Atlanta.

Why Attend?

Information is the cornerstone of innovation and success, but in the wrong hands, it becomes a tool for disruption. At EchoMark, we believe in proactive prevention.

Learn how EchoMark is being used by others to prevent leaks and intellectual property theft from ever happening in the first place.

What You Can Expect

Meet EchoMark Experts: Discuss top challenges in internal communications and data privacy with experts, in a secure and relaxed environment.

Interactive Demonstration:
Experience firsthand how EchoMark’s pioneering forensic watermarking technology operates, showcasing the seamless integration of robust security within your daily operations.

Insightful Discussion and Networking:

  • Engage with a close group of industry leaders like yourself, about the gravity of insider risk.
  • Learn how the subtle art of embedding invisible marks can protect your most valuable assets from the inside out.
  • Exchange insights and collaborate in a professional atmosphere with peers who share a commitment to safeguarding private information.

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Meet the Hosts

Troy Batterberry, CEO of EchoMarkColin Brissey, Head of Sales at EchoMark

Troy Batterberry
CEO, Co-founder

Colin Brissey
Sales Lead

Troy and Colin welcome you to Lunch, sponsored by EchoMark. The team is eager to share insights and connect with you, offering a unique opportunity for in-depth discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in insider risk management.